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Not everyone is as crafty as Shakespeare when it comes to self-expression. Melodies fill the gap between speech and feeling. Where words fail, music takes over. Music is a constant in our lives and is shared with various occasions, some may be joyful whilst other may be painfully sad. Music is therapeutic and nurtures our hearts. Memories are immortalised by music and inspiration is gained by music. I am passionate about music! I want my voice to inspire and awaken the hearts of those who hear it. “Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

I am a solo artist. I sing in various genres such as Jazz, Opera, Contemporary, Blues, Musicals, etc. I am currently studying Opera and classical music. I come from a musical background. I have been singing in competitions since the age of seven. I love to perform live and interpret songs, inspiring all who listen. Music consumes my life and remains my passion

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